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About labour protection service, radiation safety and environmental protection activity of “Karatau” LLP.

Environmental protection, safety at work, care for the health of employees have always been and will be one of the key factors of stable work for “Karatau” LLP. One of the priority areas of the Company is to create safe working conditions and to reduce the radiation exposure to personnel to the maximum possible level. The management of the Company at meetings with the employees of Karatau LLP constantly touches upon the topics of compliance by all employees of the company with the requirements of safety and environmental protection, radiation safety, which is reflected in the Company's Policy and Standards in the field of health and safety, RS and environmental protection. The Company's management strives to develop a corporate culture among all employees in the field of labor protection, environmental protection, industrial and radiation safety.   

To maintain a safety culture among the employees, Karatau LLP annually holds a safety engineering day (SE) at the mine and at the head office as well as an environmental protection day, and organizes emergency response trainings.


Photo of conducting a training session.

Services and workers are encouraged to work without incidents and violations of safety regulations, radiation safety and environmental protection. The best service at the end of the quarter is rewarded with valuable gifts on behalf of the mine union. Clean-ups are held during the year at the Karatau mine, and in the spring, trees and flowers are planted. In 2021, 300 elm seedlings were planted on the territory of the Karatau LLP site.

"Karatau" LLP carries out constant, purposeful work to prevent negative impact on the environment. Regular monitoring of the water condition, air and soil is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2021, the Company began work on assessing the biodiversity of the field. This work will help to understand how the flora and fauna have been preserved at production sites, what species of birds, animals and plants live here, which of them are included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. Also, this work will help to develop appropriate measures for the protection and preservation of flora and fauna at the field.  

In recognition of the merits for the impeccable work, for making an invaluable contribution to the development of the company and the nuclear industry for the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, OS engineer B.M. Zhanbrshiyev was awarded a certificate of honor of the Shareholders of the Kazakhstan branch Company "YurAsia Energy Holding".