Limited Liability Company "Karatau", was established in July 2005.

Founder - JSC "NAC" Kazatomprom ". It is registered in Suzak district, Taukent village. It carries out its production activities

  on the field "Budennovskoye" (station number 2). The main activity is

- Mining and processing of uranium ores

 In December 2009, re-registered in connection c redistribution of interests between

 JSC "NAC" Kazatomprom "- 50% and the Company« Uranuim One Netherlads B.V. »- 50%.

LLP "Karatau" - one of the few companies in the industry, in the production of finished products which receive export quality, meeting the requirements of end-users and the corresponding international standards and corporate standards.

In its operations, the company aims at improving the production processes and the search for and implementation of new techniques leading to improved outcome.

Company's policy is not only the use of innovative and advanced technologies, but also includes tasks to increase productivity and reduce production costs, paying serious attention to safety and environmental protection.

Partnership is the subject of big business, and socially oriented enterprise allocates significant funds for socio-economic development of the region.

Given the strategic sectors of the problem, the company has reached a new level of development, and in 2011 became one of the most successful enterprises in the industry.